Kasko2go Round 3

Airdrop is closed! 



They reduce insurance costs for safer drivers, making streets safe and promoting overall driving culture. Their AI technology, world-class team and unique business model make their believe they can disrupt whole insurance industry.


How to join the airdrop?


 Airdrop: Kasko2go

 Estimated value: 190 K2G / $19

 Rate: ⭐️⭐️(2/3) 


Round 3:

  1. Go to their airdrop form
  2. Join their Telegram
  3. Follow them on Twitter
  4. Like their Facebook page
  5. Share the link to the airdrop form on Twitter and Facebook.
  6. If you have used the above link to claim then you will get an extra 10 K2G.
  7. Also get 20 K2G for every referral.

Round 2:

  1. Go to their airdrop form
  2. Join their Telegram.
  3. Follow their Twitter.
  4. Join with «Like» their Facebook page
  5. Invit 3 friends to their Telegram (optional)
  6. Fill their form

Visit their website.


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Airdrop ends at:15.07.18

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