Pigzbe uses the blockchain to make money transfers within families borderless, safe, and instant. By unlocking the potential of globalised families as micro-financing networks, Pigzbe teaches children about money in the 21st century.



How to join the airdrop?


Airdrop: Pigzbe

Estimated value: 30 WLO / $3,60

Rate: ⭐️⭐️(2/3) 


Airdrop 2


Go to their bounty website

Perform different easy task to earn points


Airdrop 1

  1. Go to there airdrop form and fill in
  2. Join the Pigzbe Telegram group 
  3. Join the Pigzbe Telegram announcements channel 
  4. If you want you can use @freecoin24 as referral, thanks!


🛠 Telegram, email


Visit their website.


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Airdrop ends at: 30.06.18                                      Max. Participants:  NA

Never share your private key!