Airdrop is closed! 



The Staramba Token is the digital brand currency for STARAMBA.spaces, the decentralised social VR network for stars and brands from the worlds of Sport, Music & Entertainment.



How to join the airdrop?


Airdrop: Staramba

Estimated value: 3 SST/ $1

Rate: ⭐️⭐️(2/3) 


  1. Go to airdrop (Telegram bot)
  2. Join their Telegram group
  3. Submit your details to the bot by clicking on “Verify”
  4. Click on “Wallet” from the bot to submit your ETH address
  5. You will get 3 STT tokens
  6. Also get 2 STT for every referral

🛠 Telegram, Mail


Visit their website.


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Airdrop ends at: 30.06.18                                      Max. Participants:  20,000

Never share your private key!