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The DICEGAME platform offers a fair and transparent place for P2P games. We retrieve user’s trust by wrapping all the game logic into the smart-contracts: from rolling a dice to winning a tournament. DICEGAME platform is about: white box algorithms, clear and user-friendly conditions of games, fast and transparent transactions, no limitations on deposits and withdrawals.



How to join the airdrop?


 Airdrop: DICEGAME

 Estimated value: 100 DICE / $5

 Rate: ⭐️⭐️(2/3) 


  1. Fill in their airdrop form
  2. Join their Telegram group and leave at least one constructive message
  3. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook (You must have at least 100 followers each)
  4. Follow them on Medium


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Airdrop ends at: 30.05.18

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